Course Description

A proper scene reconstruction can be the best tool to have in an investigator’s toolbox. While they are standard in most infant deaths, a good reconstruction can be performed regardless of age and circumstances. This webinar provides participants with the essential skills and knowledge to properly conduct a reconstruction. 

Topics will include:

1)  Types of infant deaths requiring a reconstruction

2)  Key objectives/steps when performing a reconstruction

3)  Essential equipment needed

4)  Grief: How to gain compliance, manage the grief response 


Child Death Investigator & Trainer, NC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Lisa Mayhew, MS

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before You Start

    • Consent Questions

  • 2


    • Scene Reconstruction for Infant/Child Deaths | Section 1

    • Scene Reconstruction for Infant/Child Deaths | Section 2

    • Child Homicide Investigations | Section 3