Course Description

Have daily observation reports and checklists placed too much of an emphasis on evaluation?

Are FTOs focusing more on checklists than training?

This two-hour webinar will focus on putting the “T” back in Field TRAINING officer. It has been argued no more important title or rank exist in any law enforcement organization than that of a Field Training Officer. Evaluation is certainly a key component of any successful FTO program, but the training component should be just as important. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Starting with why – Exploring common FTO pitfalls of placing more emphasis on “how” to do things rather than “why” we do things
  • Placing too much emphasis on the daily observation report / evaluation during the shift
  • The expectation of perfection vs. progression
  • Embracing the trainer role

This webinar is well suited for command staff, supervisors, and current and potential FTOs. Actual case studies will be discussed to bolster the learning objectives.


| Major Paul Luster

Major Paul W. Luster is an 18-year veteran of the Kansas City, MO Police Department. He brings a unique blend of professional experience to the classroom having served assignments in the patrol, investigations, and administration. Paul currently holds the rank of captain and serves as the operations supervisor at the department’s crime laboratory. In addition to those duties, he instructs leadership and communications courses on a regular basis. Students enjoy Paul’s humble approach, humor, and ability to engage the class throughout training courses. Paul continuously researches current topics and trends and incorporates them into training opportunities. He emphasizes the importance of effective communication and how it plays a significant role in the many facets of policing.

Paul graduated magna cum laude from Park University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement and holds several specialty instructor certifications. He has been published in the topic of effective communications in policing.

Course curriculum

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    Before You Start

    • Consent Questions

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    • Putting the “T” back in Field Training Officer | Hour 1

    • Putting the “T” back in Field Training Officer | Hour 2