Course Description

Tactical Team officers prepare and train their entire careers in the hope of avoiding being forced to use lethal force. When a lethal force incident occurs within a Team, it is imperative that the officers and Team have received training specific to them in this area.

Having a foundational understanding of what may occur during and after a lethal force event is crucial to the resiliency of the Team, Teammates, and the officers directly involved.

Officer James Gray, a 25 year veteran of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department and 19 year SWAT team entry specialist who was involved in three fatal team shootings, will discuss lethal force events and how they can affect and impact the officer and Team psychologically, physiologically, emotionally, and legally. Team dynamics and Team professionalism will also be addressed during the two hour training webinar.

At the conclusion of this two-hour webinar, tactical officers and Teams will have a more complete understanding of the real world dynamics of a lethal force event in these areas:

  • Physiological and Psychological occurrences during and immediately after an event and how to prepare for the experience
  • Recognizing and coping with emotional responses in the short term
  • Team dynamics in relation to peer to peer and Tactical commanders to the Team
  • The myriad of local, federal and prosecutorial investigations and how they affect the officer and Team
  • A methodology for the long term resilience of the involved officer and the Team with a focus to include sustaining and enhancing our Tactical Team professionalism


| Officer James Gray (Ret.)

James Gray is a 23 year veteran of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, having spent the majority of that time on the street. He is also 18.5 year member of SWAT having recently retired from the team in April of 2015. He is currently assigned to the Firearms Range within the Training Division.

Course curriculum

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    • Officer Involved Shooting Training for Tactical Teams | Part 1

    • Officer Involved Shooting Training for Tactical Teams | Part 2