Course Description

Hoping to maintain the status quo? Don’t want to rock the boat? You could be named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit or charged with a crime for failing to properly supervise. This webinar will explain the consequences of failure to train and how you can avoid being sued and criminally charged.

  • How you can be sued or criminally charged for failure to supervise
  • Steps you can take to limit your exposure to civil litigation
  • Steps you can take to avoid criminal charges


| Attorney Dawn Parsons

Dawn Parsons brings 23 years of criminal prosecutorial experience to her training. During her time with the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office in Kansas City, Missouri, she served as first chair in over 90 felony jury trials, lead the Drug Unit/Street Crimes Division for 9 years,and served as the Chief Litigation Specialist for the office prior to beginning work in private practice in 2015. During her tenure as prosecutor, she trained hundreds of Kansas City police officers in the areas of personal and professional liability related to their work as police officers. Dawn earned her J.D. from the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

Course curriculum

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    Before You Start

    • Consent Questions

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    • Failure to Supervise Liability in Law Enforcement | Hour 1

    • Failure to Supervise Liability in Law Enforcement | Hour 2